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What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the act of certifying that an educational institution maintains suitable standards; the granting of approval to an institution of learning by an official review board after the school has met certain requirements.  By definition, the word "accredit" means to authorize, endorse, and officially approve of.  By agreeing to adhere to specified standards they encourage quality and excellence in their education and training  programs. Even-though church and ministry-related schools are not legally required to become accredited, it provides credibility and a good standing for others know that you are recognized as a competent and viable school by your peers. Specifically, accreditation is the review of a school's course offerings and procedures by a group of its peers to certify that that school is meeting its own stated objectives and offering its students the education it promises them. 

Accredited status means a school has voluntarily submitted to a comprehensive examination to determine that it operates at a high level of excellence and quality performance as evaluated by a company of their peers in Education, and in the case of GraceLife University, Christian Education. 

GraceLife University and its affiliate schools only teach ministry-related courses such as Bible, Ministry, Missions and Evangelism. Government-recognized accreditation is not legally required nor is it necessary to succeed in these vocations. Our primary mission is, and always will be, to train people for Christian Ministry and for Discipleship. 


Jesus Christ was the greatest, most effective teacher who ever lived. Yet, because He did not have an accredited degree nor record His Words Himself, He would not be considered qualified to teach at a government-approved institution. GraceLife University feels that any standard that bars Christ from being an instructor is unbiblical and unacceptable. Therefore, GraceLife University has chosen to pursue Accreditation through a variety of Christian Accreditation Agencies prior to seeking any government-recognized accreditation options, believing it would damage the Spirit-Anointed programs God has asked us to pioneer. 

Because of our strong belief in the Separation of Powers and Freedom of Religion that are both enshrined in the United States Constitution, we will not invite government oversight or control of our programs. However, we uphold the highest standards of academic integrity; so high in fact that we look forward to governmentally accredited schools accepting our graduates’ degrees. 

With all that said, GraceLife University will seek recognition of its Standards of Educational Excellence from the following bodies within the appropriate time frames:


GraceLife University will apply to be recognized by the Louisiana Board of Regents to grant degrees and will be reviewed annually. 

GraceLife University will apply to become a member school of Theological Accreditation International (TAI). 

GraceLife University will apply to the Accrediting Commission of TACI to become a member school of the Transworld Accrediting Association International (TACI).

GraceLife University will apply to become an Associate Member of  the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) which is an internationally recognized educational quality assurance agency.

GraceLife University will apply to become an associate member school of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) which is a nationally recognized accrediting body by the United States Department of Education.

In the future we may apply for recognition from additional Agencies as appropriate for our programs.

Below you will find information on Accreditation Agencies, Professional Organizations and Associations that have recognized the Academic and Professional Standards of GraceLife University:


Accreditation Agencies


The Accrediting Commission for Biblical Higher Education provides  reasonable and affordable accreditation for Bible Colleges, Christian Universities and Theological Seminaries.  In addition, The Accrediting Commission for Biblical Higher Education encourages all who operate a Private, Christian, Bible College, University or Theological Seminary to become Accredited and maintain Accreditation.  There is strength in numbers, and we seek to honor God our Father in all we do!


Accreditation Certificate

GraceLife University & Theological Seminary is reviewed annually to verify that we are in compliance with all Educational & Theological requirements for Accreditation.

North American Association Of Bible Colleges and Seminaries


GraceLife University is a member school of the North American Association Of Bible Colleges and Seminaries (N.A.A.B.C.S.).

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