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Ph.D Christian Theology

Ph.D. in Christian Theology 72 Hours




TH701         Grace 

BS701         God’s Covenant of Unmerited Favor With Us 

BS702         Our Part In The New Covenant

TH702         The Gift of Righteousness

TH703         Faith

TH704         Forgiveness

TH705         Divine Wisdom to Succeed 

TH706         Miracles

BS705         The Law Has Been Fulfilled

BS706         The Problem of Mixing Law and Grace 

BS707         The Ministry of Death

BS708         The Gospel That Paul Preached

TH707         Prayer

BS711         Spiritual Warfare

BS712         The Battle For Your Mind

BS713         The Kinsman Redeemer 

BS714         Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage 

CC702         Overcoming: Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

CC710         Transformation Through The Fathers Love

TH709         The True Gospel

TH710         Our Spiritual Identity

TH712         Tongues: A Biblical & Practical Perspective

TH717         Writing Project**

TH718         Writing Project Continued**

**NOTE: The Writing Project is a Total of 6 Credit Hours Toward Degree Total


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