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Dr.  Charles R. Gray, II is our Founder and President. Dr. Gray holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry and Behavioral Sciences from East Texas Baptist University. A Master of Divinity Degree with specializations in Pastoral Ministry, Church Administration and Church Growth (People Group Strategies) from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Gray has completed two Dual Ph.D. Programs through Oval Bible College. The first is Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and the Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling. The second is the Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies and the Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Apologetics.  In Addition, Dr. Gray holds the Doctor of Philosophy in Old Testament, Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament, Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education, Doctor of Philosophy in Church Administration, Doctor of Chaplaincy, Doctor of Ministry, and Doctor of Divinity Degrees from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies.


Dr. Gray has served as President and Executive Director of GraceLife Ministries USA since 1999 and Presiding Bishop since 2016. The calling of Dr. Gray & the Mission of GraceLife Ministries USA from the Lord is to reach the world with the message of God's Unconditional Love & Grace through the Finished Work of Jesus Christ, to Make Disciples (empower believers through the Word), Prepare Leaders to positively impact their world and Plant Grace Communities (churches) to reach the lost and disciple the found. Dr. Gray believes that GraceLife University is the vehicle God has chosen to use to fulfill the missions to “Make Disciples” &  to "Prepare Leaders to positively impact their world".

Dr. Gray’s Personal Commission from the LORD, that guides all that he does, is to bring Jesus Christ back to Central Place in the church by rolling away the stone and opening people’s eyes to reveal more of Jesus and His Finished Work. This is best illustrated by the story of Lazarus. In this story, Jesus commanded the people to roll away the stone from Lazarus’ tomb. Even though the people protested that Lazarus had already been dead for four days and that the stench would be terrible, Jesus persisted because He knew that Lazarus had been resurrected. Even though Lazarus was alive, the resurrection life could not flow as long as he was bound behind the stone. The stone had to be removed for resurrection life to come forth. 

"That is what my ministry is about — rolling away the stone. There are many believers who have resurrection life because they have been born again, but they are not experiencing breakthroughs in their health, their finances, their family lives and their careers because they are bound hand and foot, trapped behind the stone. Before resurrection life can flow, the stone must be rolled away! The stone is a picture of the law. The law was written and engraved on stones, and as long as believers are under the law, the ministry of death and condemnation (2 Corinthians 3:7-9) binds them. My commission from the Lord is to roll away the stone from believers who are saved and born again. You need to remove the law that binds. When you roll away the stone, that’s when Lazarus comes forth, that’s when you see the glory of God, that’s when you see the finished work! There is no greater reward than to know that I have opened people’s eyes to see more of Jesus, more of His Grace, more of His beauty, and more of the exquisite perfection of His Finished Work." --Dr. Charles R. Gray, II

Dr. Charles R. Gray, II

Dr. Charles R. Gray, II