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GraceLife University

BACHELOR OF Christian Theology

Bachelor of Christian Theology 60 Hours

TH101           Grace

TH102           The Gift of Righteousness

TH103           Faith

TH104           Forgiveness

TH205           Divine Wisdom to Succeed 

TH206           Miracles

TH309           The True Gospel

TH310           Our Spiritual Identity

TH412           Tongues: A Biblical & Practical Perspective

BS101           How to Study the Bible

BS102           Old Testament Survey

BS103           New Testament Survey

BS205           How Great Is The Father’s Love For You? 

BS309           The Main Clause of The New Covenant 

BS311           The Waterfall of Forgiveness 

BS412           The Kinsman Redeemer

BS414           The God Who Seeks The Shunned

CA105           Using Computers in the Work of the Church

BS415            Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

BS510            Spiritual Gifts


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